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As a Business-Professional, Online-Start-Up or Entrepreneur you learn everything in our online university that you need to know, in order to start, build or enlarge your business professionally found.


Our subjects

Interdisciplinary Marketing is meant to be a holistical concept with the essence of knowledge of a huge number of disciplines, which content is nowadays are indispensable for each and every business. The content of these different disciplines will be combined new in each webinar and workshop, in order to make a call for consciousness for the viewers. In focus there are three main areas that will be imparted in special:


Your business must fit to your needs, your passion, your character and your natural talents. Only in this way your business – no matter which niche – can excel and you be successful. Be honest: Would you walk around in shoes every day that are three sizes too big or too small for you? Certainly NOT! But like this your business needs to fit you and your “why”. Your “why”, your motivation must be clear to you, also your talents and gifts in order to be a passionate business owner, no matter what!


No matter what business you are starting or expanding: You need the knowledge from many different disciplines like marketing, sales, finance, management, technical knowledge, psychology, communication and product development. And you also need business specific knowledge what is important for your business in your niche. And therefore you need to log for an expert status in order to excel in contrast to your competition. Yes, even to “survive”. Only as an expert you will not need to beg customers to come to you but instead they will do everything, that you (!) sell your products to them.


Your attitude, your inner state of mind, your charisma, your habits and your character are crucial for your success -or failure! You are the root to the tree that will carry fruits at the end of the day. What you create on the inside, that will create your outside world. Therefore it is crucial that you have a perfect mindset for yourself, your private life and your business: If you are successful, then you WILL be successful. If you are a tree and your roots are strong you will not need to worry about any storm and you will have great fruits. A strong and positive mindset is immanent important for your success – in your private or business life.



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In our Video- und Podcastblog successful entrepreneurs of all areas of business talk about their life, how they made it. Of course there are also a lot of tricks and tipps for all who want to build up their online-business.

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A short introduction

You are a Professional, an internet business owner or somebody who is trying to do everything to be financially independend and successful?

If so, then there is a huge probability that you have already noticed that being successful is not easy.

But nevertheless:

Although „success“ is not “easy”, it can be quite simpel! This is my message to you – and I can show you, how!

What our customers say

Absolutely perfect!

Anja Neubauer describes step by step exactly how freelancers / lawyers really can successfully win customers and clients. Beyond hope marketing, it’s an absolutely secure strategy, a path that anyone who really wants to be successful can go.

The Internet offers so many possibilities today. It can be a jungle, but also a launch pad for success. Anja Neubauer makes it really easy with this program to go the road to success with ease. Absolutely perfect!” Julia Maria Sobainsky

Internetbusinessowner, Coach, Author, Professor, Pro Charisma





“Anja is a top marketing strategy specialist in the online business, which understands perfectly how to respond to customer needs with strategically build and clever websites together with her self-empowerment programs.

She offers absolute transparency in her offers and is always top-informed about the newest and latest technologies. I recommend her, because you save a lot of suffering and burn no money, because you will be advised from the beginning by a top expert.” Janine Katharina Pötsch

Coach, Author, Advisor, Businessowner, Gekonnt Wirken – Die Image Akademie

It works!

“Anja is for me THE Wonderwoman in Online Business Coaching! She knows exactly what she’s talking about. From successes as well as setbacks, she has gained experience that has brought her on and on. She has gone from rock bottom to # 1. You can feel that with her coaching you can benefit from that.

It shows through many practical and comprehensible examples that anyone and every woman can start a successful online business. Her course is in my view a must-have for anyone who wants to build a successful business on the Internet. But it is also interesting for those who have already started their business and are currently in a dead end. And last but not least, even established business people can learn a lot from her. Anyone who seeks advice from her up to the final coaching with personal goals, gets a guide for successful business on the Internet at hand, a very good guide. One that works.” Ansgar Sadeghi

Author, Coach, Content-Marketingexpert


A guarantee for more success

“As the name “Interdisciplinary” says: Anja deals with all areas that are important for building a successful online business. It is fun to see the program of Anja and you get in-depth knowledge of online professional marketing in various facets with many practical tips and tricks. Anja explains vividly and by means of many cases and examples, so that the viewer understands how he can implement what he has learned directly.

And because she explains it so easily, the viewer thinks, “My God, why have I not always done that?” Who implements the program has a guarantee for more success. In every sense!”

André Zalbertus

Mediatycoon, TVjournalist and author. Founder of AZ Media GmbH and business owner of several local TV stations, Zalbertus Media Group

The philosophy

“There is a wonderful saying: “Show all those, who want to see you fall, that you can fly!” This is what I did again and again in my life, I stood up once more and used my professional knowledge to build up a completely new existance out of nothing. Everybody can do that, you only need the right online marketing knowledge, the mindset and the motivation. And this is what I give back to my clients in my courses. This is my passion!

Because EVERYBODY can fly!”

Anja M. Neubauer

Media- und Law-expert. Lecturer and author. Mama and Coach. Internet-nerd and marketing specialist. Speaker and glutton for books.

More about my life career in the podcast

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